We - Michael 61 and Günter 67 years old - had the idea in the fall of 2019. For many years we have been cycling through Europe - from Copenhagen to Berlin, from Bolzano over the Alps to Munich, along the Loire through France, from Trento to Tuscany -, ... We commute or commuted by bike from home to work. In the fall of 2019, we decided to ride from home to the North Cape. There is hardly anything more beautiful than experiencing nature on a bicycle. On the road by train or car, the landscapes rush past us, hardly noticed. In addition, we are environmentally friendly on the road, an average car emits about 2,000 kg of CO2 on a comparable route (8,000 - 9,000 km). We will start June 20, 2021 in Düsseldorf / Wuppertal at the end of May and drive to Flensburg, through Denmark to Hirtshals. There we will take the ferry to Kristiansand, Norway. The route then leads to Bergen on the west coast of Norway and on to Trondheim to Bodo, from where we cross over to the Lofoten Islands. We cycle to Tromso and probably reach the North Cape in mid/end August. Afterwards we will go back. The route described is pretty much 4,500 km. We have not yet decided which route we will take back. However, our wives expect us back in September. We have acquired robust e-bikes, so we have an additional support to muscle power when coping with about 27,000 meters of altitude (outward journey).  Different routes with focus on bicycle suitability, power supply for our bikes, overnight accommodations, route length, ferry connections, etc. were investigated. Inspired, also by the British "Captain Tom" we also want to support a social project or a social institution. We decided to support the AIDS-Hilfe Wuppertal. For the musical accompaniment of the tour we wrote a song. The lyrics of the song try to summarize our attitudes, ideas and expectations for this adventure. More about that later ...

We will report on our experiences on an ongoing basis. Please stay tuned and be part of our adventure.

Kind regards
Michael & Günter
May 2021


Donation account of AIDS-Hilfe Wuppertal:

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